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Eureka Seven: Ao…. Umm, what just happened?

So I just finished watching the final two episodes of Eureka Seven Ao that aired yesterday. Let’s just say I am stunned. Not stunned in a good way mind you, I am stunned in disbelief. There is only really one sentence that can sum up my feelings about this show: “Bones! What was the point of this whole series?” I am totally baffled as to how this series turned out considering the fact that the director of this series is the same one that did such a stellar job on Eureka Seven. It’s like he forgot the great job he did on the original.

Let’s start off at the beginning shall we? When Eureka Seven Ao was first announced, I was bouncing off the walls. Its precursor series, Eureka Seven, is easily one of my most favourite animes that I have ever seen. Heck, it’s one of my most favourite TV series that I have ever seen. When the first couple of episodes aired, I was a bit let down. The series got off to a fairly rocky start. However, I ignored the rocky start because let’s face it, the original Eureka Seven also got off to a rocky start as well. However, the premise and the characters showed enough potential that I hung on after those first few episodes.

So after about a dozen episodes, the series really did not pick up. This should have been the first warning sign for me. I was still just as confused as ever about what was going on, the show did not do much to explain things and the writers were still throwing new plot lines, characters and concepts at me. I still kept watching though. Why? Well it really seemed like the plot was starting to pick up. Some of the characters were being more fleshed out, major players in the show’s world were moving and interacting, and the show’s animators were delivering some great action sequences.

By the last few episodes, things did not really improve. Most of the major characters were not as fleshed out as the characters in the original series were. Some of their motivations were still baffling (and this was when there were only like 3 episodes left). People were constantly switching sides without much thought. Hell even sides were switching sides. Plot lines, problems and character relationships that were introduced were not developed or closed at all. In fact, almost all of the things that the writers of the show introduced were practically just left dangling by the 24th and final episode. In fact, looking back, it feels like the writers just tossed in as many things as they could to see what would stick and did not spend much effort to think about how they would resolve all these things that they introduced.

The ending was absolutely abysmal. I won’t spoil it here, but let’s just say that the ending undoes and basically cancels out everything that has happened in the show thus far. It left me in disbelief and wondering, “What was the point of watching those past 23 episodes when the ending just makes it all void.” Now I know some of you readers (if there are actually any of you reading this blog) who are thinking that its more about the journey than the ending. That would be fine and all if the journey wasn’t confusing, underdeveloped and generally feeling lacking. Even if the journey was good, the ending is just so deus-ex machina and so poor that it negates all the positives that could have been gained from the journey itself.

So my final verdict about this show? Skip it please. Also, skip the Eureka Seven Pocket Full of Rainbows movie. Just watch the original Eureka Seven TV series then go on your merry way. I want 12 hours of my life back.