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Fixing issues with Universal Windows Apps and the Start Menu on Windows 10

I am currently on the Windows 10 Anniversary update and occasionally my GPU driver goes nuts after resuming from sleep and causes issues with the Start Menu or a Universal Windows App like Groove Music or MSN Weather. Typically the issue lies with the ShellExperienceHost.exe process and restarting it will fix it. To do that, I do the following:

  1. Open Task Manager (right click on your task bar and select Task Manager from the menu that pops up)
  2. Go to the details tab on Task Manager:
  3. Find ShellExperienceHost.exe in the list:
  4. Right click it and click End Process.

Don’t worry, once you kill ShellExperienceHost, it will automatically restart and have pulled itself out of its bad state.

Fixing Error 0X80070052 on your USB Drive

I recently had a USB drive, that was formatted as FAT32, that throw Error 0x80070052 anytime I tried to create a new directory or file on the USB drive. After fiddling around a bit, I narrowed the cause down to the fact that I had a bunch of files in the root directory of the USB drive. Once I moved all the data into folders and narrowed down the folder count to about 4 root folders, the error went away.  I assume that a FAT32 USB drive has a limit to the number of files that you can store in the root folder and by putting everything into sub-folders, you can get around that limit.

Teaching myself web development again

Recently I wanted to do a few side projects that required building web applications. But it has been almost 3 years since I have done anything web development related in my life. Understandably, I am not horribly out of practice and out of date. So I decided to start from scratch and relearn web development from the basics and upwards. To that end I have started following some tutorials that have been excellent so far. I figure I should share them here in case someone else is a similar situation to myself and wants to know where to go to start learning:

I highly recommend the Ruby on Rails tutorial. Michael Hartl does a fantastic job of guiding you through Rails and web development in general!