A New Chapter of my Life Begins…

So this week marks the start of my first full-time job after finishing my undergraduate degree. I am working for the Xbox Kinect team at Microsoft and I am pretty excited about the role. Of course, this is a huge change in my life. I have picked up and moved myself from Toronto to Seattle and in the process, I have left behind most of my friends and family.

The transition is exciting and depressing at the same time. On the exciting front, I have an interesting job, a decent amount of income, I am independent and I live in a beautiful part of the United States. On the downside, I miss my family, friends, Toronto and Canada as a whole greatly. In fact, I still have pangs of regret that I moved so far away from home. Setting up my new life has been taking most of my time over the past week between multiple trips to Ikea, setting up internet, setting up a cell phone plan, buying household items, etc.

I never fully comprehended how much I took for granted in Toronto and how hard it can be to set one’s life up from scratch in an area that one does not know too well. To be honest, I have gained a lot more appreciation for the efforts my parents had to go through to move from Sri Lanka to Canada and essentially start from scratch (while having to raise two kids).

Hopefully, I will be able to settle into a normal routine over the next few weeks. My more immediate problems involve getting a credit card, assembling my furniture, getting a Washington State driver’s license, getting into the habit of cooking at home (very hard to be motivated to do this), and procuring a car. I forgot how much it sucked to not have a car on the east side of Seattle, especially closer to Microsoft. Thankfully, it is not terrible at the moment because I am a 15 minute walk away from work and live right beside two bus routes that go to major grocery and shopping centers. But I definitely will be aiming to get a car as soon as possible.

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